We provide

A high quality professional Estate Planning and Financial Advice

We believe

That professional financial advice can add significant value to individuals and to businesses

We offer

A clearly defined service, transparent fee structure and an effective service proposition

Utopia Group Provide Unparalleled Estate Planning Advice

In simple terms We put our clients’ best interests at the heart of the business

Estate Planning Leeds

We aim to protect our existing and future clients against the following threats to their Estate.

  • Future Marriage and divorce of a surviving partner
  • Future insolvency of a spouse or partner
  • Future joint ownership and first death of a surviving spouse or partner
  • Future divorce or insolvency of a blood line beneficiary
  • Inheritance tax in a bloodline beneficiary’s estate
  • Claims of unreliable/unknown beneficiary
  • Cost and delay of probate

Why Our Service Excels

At Utopia Group we care passionately about our clients. We have always believed great Financial planning is at the core of building a more certain financial future. We now extend that with Estate planning to ensure that your assets stay within the bloodline of your family or go where you intend them to.

How It All Works